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YSCU in the Community

Our local community of Yellow Springs, and its surrounding areas, are ideal for raising families, promoting business, and enjoying life. YSCU is dedicated to serving our greater Greene County communities and being a good corporate citizen by participating in local endeavors whereby we collaborate with other community leaders and organizations to provide programs that benefit from YSCU’s expertise, support, and implementation and would not otherwise be available. 

Our Community Partnership Mission reflects the varied interests of credit union members and is consistent with credit union philosophy. Here are a few ways that YSCU has committed to the betterment of those within our community:

Special Local Loan Programs

In collaboration with local organizations, including but not limited to community foundations, other non-profit organizations, local college, village council and development corporations, YSCU has helped hundreds of credit union and community members in the following ways:

COVID local assistance loans and grants:

  • Rent relief for individuals
  • Rent relief for small businesses
  • Essential expenses for individuals
  • Essential expenses for small businesses and non-profits
  • Utility bill assistance for individuals
  • Business development micro loans to small businesses for adding upgrades that help them stay afloat during closure mandates (such as adding a website platform for sales if one doesn’t already exist.)

Special local investor loans for community purpose:

  • Enabling the founding of Agraria through creative loan collaboration
  • Special student loans to Antioch College students during time that federal student loans were not available until accreditation was awarded to the college
  • Line of credit loans available to clients of YS Home Inc who need property repairs and may not have typical market credit available to them

Event Sponsorships
YSCU proudly sponsors several community events within the Yellow Springs and greater Greene County. 

Community Support
YSCU takes pride in supporting several local and national organizations and purposes. 

Donation/Sponsorship Requests
For inquiries about or requests for community sponsorships or donations, please email
Or write to:
YS Federal Credit Union
217 Xenia Avenue
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

I have been so grateful to the credit union for the many ways they find to support local non-profits. In our case, this means helping to develop creative financing products for large scale projects, in 2017 Sandy and her team helped us to buy a farm at auction by developing a line of credit linked to our members' savings certificates.

Sandy has also participated in many initiatives in the area to support businesses and non-profits, including writing a grant to bring local business expert Michael Shuman to Yellow Springs. Her enthusiasm for bringing the power of the credit union to bear on the needs of the community has been such an inspiration to me and to many others, and I will never forget her kindness in helping us to figure out the many challenges and transitions we have been through in the past several years.

Many, many years, we have been a member of the Credit Union from its own founding! The whole team are very service oriented. I never feel that questions or requests are considered troublesome, even when everyone at the CU is very busy. We have also had CU employees volunteer at the farmer's market and attend our events. The YSCU is a treasure and I can not imagine the village or the region without it.

 - Susan Jennings, Member

Flexibility. When I have an idea I go in and talk to Sandy, we think about it and together we come up with a solution. I have been a member for 5 years. The benefits are personalized service, the attention to detail and the creativity of thinking outside the box. I love how the credit union helps the community. I have made referrals to the credit union to people I know.

Jeannamarie Cox, Member