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YS Member Benefits

Membership at YSCU opens the door to a whole world of financial support and opportunity. Membership is open to all who live, work, worship, or go to school in Greene County, Ohio. Also, immediate family members of existing members are eligible to join. Membership is for life. Regardless of “how” you joined, wherever life takes you, know that you will have access to convenient services like:

•    Loan rate specials
•    Deposit rate specials
•    Shared branch access
•    ATM and debit card access 
•    Direct deposit 
•    Automated loan payments 

The personal touch and willingness they provide. They make every member feel like they are the only one. Benefits are the products they offer and being part of the community. They seem to put a personal touch on everything. You get to know the staff and they become friends. I always tell people that I bank with Yellow Springs Credit Union. I tell people they are more competitive with the products they offer. - Justin Turner

Applying for Membership

We invite you to join YS Federal Credit Union!
Switching to a YSCU checking account is quick and easy. The YSCU Switch Kit contains a simple step-by-step outline to help you open your new account, close your old ones, and begin enjoying all the benefits of YSCU checking. If you have any questions about YSCU eligibility, products or services, please call or visit YSCU, and we’ll be happy to help you!

Simply complete the form below, and our caring staff will contact you to complete the application for membership and establish your new accounts!