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Personal Loans

Loans for life? Right here. Whether you are going on vacation, consolidating bills, purchasing a computer, or just wanting to splurge, contact YSCU for financing help. We have flexible terms and the perfect loan option just for you!

YSCU Personal Signature Loans

With the YSCU signature loan, also known as a personal “unsecured” fixed-term loan, you can:

  • Borrow from $300 to $17,500 with various terms up to 48 months.
  • Save money on your monthly payments over the life of the loan.

Just decide how much you need, and once you’re approved YSCU will even deposit the check into your account for you. It’s that easy! Talk to a YSCU associate today to customize your loan.




YSCU Anytime Line of Credit

With the YSCU Anytime line of credit, apply once and access when you need it! No need to reapply as the line of credit is always available for last-minute expenses, extra holiday cash or whenever quick access to extra funds are needed. With credit limits up to $17,500, let this loan be your easy go-to for all future non-collateralized borrowing needs. Move credit card charges onto your Anytime line of credit because it is priced about four times lower than many credit cards. Consider a YSCU Visa for a smaller amount, eliminate your cards from other institutions, and let the AnyTime line of credit pick up the balances at the low, low rate. Let a YSCU associate demonstrate how much potential savings you could enjoy.


YSCU Share Secured Loans

Members love the benefits of the YSCU Share Secured Loan. Use your YSCU savings as collateral to obtain very low interest rates while maintaining your principal savings balances. The Share Secured Loan is also ideal for building or repairing credit. You can:

  • Enjoy some of the lowest rates possible to help you save money on monthly payments over the life of the loan.
  • Watch your credit score build as you establish and properly repay this loan.


YSCU Credit Builder and Credit Repair Loans and Programs

If you have had credit challenges from prior medical bills or other life circumstances, work with YSCU staff to rebuild and repair your credit. The first step is a Credit Builder loan. Contact a YSCU associate today to consult about an overall strategy to utilize budgeting, credit negotiation, and new loan/savings plans to build or repair your credit, establish a budget to ensure your plan is workable, and take the important first steps to a lower-stress financial future.

YSCU Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Avoid the hassle, cost and embarrassment of returned checks with Overdraft Protection. YSCU offers overdraft protection in several ways:

  • Automatic transfer of funds from a savings or other account to your checking account (this method is not a loan)
  • Overdraft Privilege Program, where your account (if qualified) will go negative to clear bad checks to a maximum negative balance of $400 (this is not a loan)
  • The YSCU Overdraft Protection line of credit loan. This loan automatically kicks in to cover overdrafts up to the line of credit loan approved. Rather than overdraft fees charged per NSF, interest is charged on the loan balance. If the line is not used or is paid to $0 balance, no interest or fees are charged, yet the available line of credit stays ready to advance if needed. 





* Subject to credit approval. Some restrictions may apply. Contact a YSCU associate for details. Rates quoted for 1 to 36-month terms.
** Home Equity Loans: The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is subject to change without notice on the home equity line of credit loan. Home equity fixed-term loans have fixed rates to the duration of the set loan maturity. Private mortgage insurance may be required. Fees and closing costs may apply. Fees range from $0 to $699 presently. Refer to current rate charts and fee schedules. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest. Certain restrictions may apply. Speak with a YSCU associate for details.
***Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for terms up to 48 months for members who qualify.