Thank you for your patience the past few weeks as short staffing has caused us to make changes to our lobby hours. And this week, half of the staff we have is off due to health issues. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are taking steps to hire qualified candidates to resume the level of service members deserve and have been accustomed to. The country's labor market makes this difficult as we are sure all of you are experiencing other small, and large businesses in similar situations. We assure you the credit union is safe, sound, and financially solid. There is no truth to comments on social media and from folks spreading rumors of the CU being insolvent or going "under". Quite the opposite as we prepare for some exciting strategic plans for 2023 and beyond. The auditors and examiners recently completed our 12-31-22 audit and exam, and reported solid results for our credit union. Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Again, thank you for your patience.
Sandy Hollenberg, CEO.
Current Lobby Hours are M-F 10am through 4pm.
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Regulation E

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Notice: Federal Reserve Bank’s Regulation E

Under the Federal Reserve Bank’s Regulation E, members of YS Federal Credit Union (YSCU) are required to personally notify YSCU (or “Opt-In”) if you want the Credit Union to automatically pay overdrafts on your ATM or debit card transactions, through our Courtesy Pay, Overdraft Privilege Program. YSCU will not automatically allow overdrafts to occur on ATM or debit card transactions on existing accounts unless you give us permission to do so. As a result, you may experience more frequent denials when using your card. To avoid any interruption in your card use, please visit the YS Federal Credit Union office to enroll in our Courtesy Pay program. Please note that this regulation only applies to those transfers done by ATM/debit cards. Overdrafts occurring with Share Drafts and ACH transactions may still be automatically allowed by YSCU for a fee. The Federal Reserve Bank’s Regulation E is a directive of the federal government and applies to all financial institutions.