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Business Savings

YSCU offers a variety of savings, transactional, and lending options to meet your current and long-term business financial needs. Whether you are starting, growing or expanding, we have the flexible business banking tools you need.

Business Savings Account

Managing your cash with a plan for saving and budgeting for the future is a key component to the financial health of your business. As a YSCU business member, whether you are saving for emergencies, expansions, large equipment purchases or a future project, one of the following business savings accounts will meet your needs.

Business Primary Share

The YSCU Business Primary Share is your business membership account. Uour minimum $5 balance represents your credit union share and entitles you to apply for all membership benefits.
•    Minimum Balance: $5
•    Dividends:  Accrued daily, paid quarterly
•    Service Fees: None

Business Share Certificates of Deposit

Business Share certificates of deposit are often an important piece of a sound savings strategy and allow funds to earn the highest rates of interest we have available. Certificates require funds to remain in the account for a period of time and, in return, pay a higher dividend rate than other savings accounts. Select rates and terms that best meet your investing needs, with flexible options available.
•    Minimum balance: $300
•    Dividends*: Accrued daily, paid quarterly
•    Available terms: 3 to 60 months


* Member may forfeit dividends if account is closed before accrued dividends are credited to the account. All YSCU share accounts are insured up to $250,000 per account by the NCUA