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YS Federal Credit Union offers a variety of personalized savings and certificate options to meet your current and short-term financial and lifestyle needs. Additionally, you get free access to your own personal, highly qualified financial advisor. Our advisors are specially trained and certified to assist you in defining goals and in creating a plan that includes the right financial products and services to guide your long-term journey to retirement or whatever stage of life and savings you need to address.

Saving for the future is a key component of financial health. Whether saving for the unexpected, a new home, an automobile, college education, or retirement, one or more of the following YSCU savings accounts will help you create a savings solution to meet your needs. Additionally, as your situation changes, our certified financial planners are quick to share other products that respond to your needs. Visit the YSCU Deposit Rate page to help you decide which product is right for you. Please note these rates do not include financial planning or investment products. For additional investment options or to speak to a certified financial planner visit Sheeler Financial Group


Primary Share

This account is your member ownership account that can also be used as a savings account. A $5 balance in your Primary Share Account represents your YSCU Credit Union share and entitles you to apply for all of YSCU’s benefits.

  • Minimum balance: $5
  • Dividends: Calculated daily, paid quarterly
  • Service fees: Dependent upon overall relationship

Sub Share(s)

These special purpose savings accounts offer you customized options to meet your specific lifestyle and financial goals in addition to your YSCU Primary Share account. Whether you are saving for fun or for a necessity, you can name your separate accounts and easily track your savings progress.

Wedding, vacation, new car, new baby, healthcare expense …. you pick the purpose, and we’ll provide a personalized account to meet your savings needs.  

  • Minimum balance: None
  • Dividends: Calculated daily, paid quarterly
  • Service fees: None


All YSCU share accounts are insured up to $250,000 per account by the NCUA.